Dejan Ilic is a famous trumpeter; he published new CD with twelve new melodies.

Dejan Ilic, the trumpeter published a new CD in 2010, the second "Cheerful Trumpets" (Vesele Trube) edition of the famous Music Publishing House in Serbia PGP_RTS.

Dejan Ilic and his orchestra published a song "Verka The Nun" (Verka Kaludjerka). The song was sung by a singer Jasna Djokic.

PGP - RTS recently published the new CD of the Trumpeter's Orchestra of Dejan Ilic "Cheerful Trumpet".

Contact phone of Dejan Ilic's Orchestra is +381 62 300 605 and e mail address:

Dejan Ilic's trumpeters participated in numerous manifestations and concerts in whole country and abroad. Dejan Ilic's Orchestra participated on International World Festival in Poland. Orchestra participated on European Serbs in Diaspora review 2009 in Temishvar.

Orchestra is asserted. All members are owners of music license, so we can travel around the world.

Dejan Ilic was born in December 8th 1977 in Vranje. He grow up in Stubal, small place on the South of Serbia, located on the main road between Vranje and Vladicin Han. When he was seven years old boy he manifested interest for music and very soon he started to play trumpet. When he was 10 years old he matured on school performance and since then he appreciated trumpet even more. First lessons Dejan got from his father Novica, one of the most famous trumpeters in this part of Serbia. His mother Selena's gens, also, enacted very important role: Dejan is a nephew and close relative of the famous musicians and trumpeters Markovic..

After perennial effort, persistence and constant exercises in his 18th year Dejan established his "Wind brass Orchestra of Dejan Ilic". Since then hither, orchestra participated in many contests, musical manifestations and concerts in whole country and abroad. In 2007 PGP - RTS published their first album - "Soul of the Trumpet".

"Wind brass Orchestra of Dejan Ilic" is popular and asserted orchestra in Serbia. Orchestra was a guest in many musical TV issues and series of National Television (RTS) e.g. "Arriving of the Dollars", "White Ship", "One Wish, One Song", "Zika's Pattern", "Morning program" ect..

We truly hope that you will enjoy in this, the freshest musical creation of Dejan Ilic and his "cheerful trumpets".

+381 62 300 605


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